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Join the Various Programs of Our Church

Our Programs

Integrated Faith Assembly, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio provides the following to the members of our church:

  • Discipleship
  • Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Spiritual Counseling and Training
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Community Donation
  • Youth Programs
  • Music Programs
  • Arts Programs

…and more! For more information, please get in touch with us today!

A Closer Look at What We Do

Integrated Faith Assembly, Inc. was officially established in 2009. Our group rapidly grew and began volunteering in nursing homes and shelters. We also worked with at-risk families and youth. We provided ministries to Candlewood Nursing Home in East Cleveland, Ohio, Zelma George in Cleveland, Ohio, and Salvation Army (offering 12-step). Our group also volunteered in Cleveland Clinic hospitals, city missions, and other agencies throughout the city of Cleveland.

Through our collective effort, we provided food for the hungry, household items for families in transition, toys for tots, clothing, furniture, and more to deprived people.

We reached out to nurses and social service providers in order to extend our services and broaden the network of individuals willing to assist others in our endeavors. IFA was established as a 501(c)(3) in 2009, an organization dedicated to:

  • Strengthening families through community programs (life skills and training)
  • Growing a sustainable regional economy (providing skill sets)
  • Cultivating leadership and promoting empowerment of people through education and training
  • Fighting hunger through community partnerships and offering meal programs to at-risk youth throughout the year
  • Advocating for the homeless through transitional networks
  • Aiding women suffering or have survived from abuse (teaching, training, and providing safe places)
  • Providing mentors and teachers to children in single parenting homes
  • Assisting individuals in transition
  • Mentoring and tutoring children
  • Promoting safe sports and recreation programs for youth
  • Preventing teen pregnancy
  • Protecting the environment and promoting respect for cultural diversity

Programs and Services

Integrated Faith Assembly, Inc. operates programs that include and addresses community needs and undertakes advocacies in arts, hunger, education, and training.

  • Youth Ministry
  • Arts and Music
  • Hospital Visitation
  • Nursing Home
  • Street Ministry
  • Intercessory Prayer
  • Outreach


Nursing Home Visitation 

IFA conducts visits to nursing homes and seniors in the City of Cleveland. Visits and services are designed to encourage the elderly and assist them whenever possible.

Shelter Ministries

For over 25 years, IFA has worked with local shelters (men, women, teenagers, and emancipated youth). We offer services, training, life skills, and assistance with items as they move into transitional housing. IFA equips individuals to sustain their housing. We work with local community service providers to ensure individuals thrive.

Outreach Feeding Ministries

The outreach feeding program includes providing dinner at local shelters for many years, in conjunction with the agencies’ volunteer rules and regulations.

Christmas Toys

IFA in-kind donors provide toys for children during the holiday season. Many children have an opportunity to enjoy Christmas because of the generosity of our donors.


IFA is the recipient of an annual gift of  turkey's for distribution to community residents. Families in need have acquired food baskets throughout the year as well.  

Community Outreach Program

Taking the gospel to the street. IFA is a member of Saturate Ohio, pursuing door-to-door ministry to street ministry. We witness the Gospel, carry our music ministry, and provide hope.  IFA members walk door-to-door and can be found on neighboring streets praying for community residents.

Resiliency Training Programs

IFA has successfully provided resiliency training to at-risk youth. The students completing the training received recognition from the City of Cleveland and have successfully graduated high school and moved forward to first generation high school and college students. Out of the students mentored and trained, 95% have started career paths in higher education, military, and STEM industries.

Life Skills

The life skill programs are offered to individuals in shelters, residents in Cleveland seeking to obtain skills necessary to live a sustainable life.

College Preparation

IFA assists students with mentoring and guidance in preparation for college. IFA holds a 95% success rate for first generation high school and college students. IFA is also an Adopt-A-School ministry working with local schools.

Community Service Site

IFA accepts community service workers in conjunction with local police and county residents. Youth mandated to complete community service have the opportunity to work with IFA in shelters, feeding programs, and cleaning programs. Youth teams represent the City of Cleveland, Euclid, Cleveland Heights, South Euclid, Ohio, etc.

Puppet Ministry

The puppet ministry is used to communicate our faith through song and word. Both children and young adults participate in the puppet ministry.

Community Giveaways

IFA in conjunction with in-kind donors provides household items for individuals with disabilities, children, senior citizens, and households below the poverty level. IFA have assisted families who were victims of fire thus providing household items through our New Start Program.

In-Reach Ministries

  • Music and Arts
  • Discipleship
  • Intercessory Prayer
  • Women's Ministry
  • Men's Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Children and Youth Scripture Challenges
  • Puppet Ministry
  • Hospitality and Bereavement Committee
  • Usher Training

Integrated Faith Assembly, Inc.

Phone: 216-451-1600


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